Welcome to the Working Plummer Terrier Registry Website!

The Working Plummer Terrier Registry (WPTR) was founded in 2007 for the benefit of plummer terrier owners who have found themselves unable to register their dogs with organisations that do not accept the "new blooded" plummer terriers and have had difficulty registering their dogs with some of the Plummer Terrier Clubs.  The Registry welcomes both "pure" and "new blooded" dogs of legitimately traceable ancestry.  We will register adult dogs previously registered with the PTA, PTCGB and the more recent EPTR. Although a fairly new Register, the WPTR is an accurate database that can trace back to the original dogs of the 1950's that were used to create what is known today as "The Plummer Terrier".

Registry Aims

The aim of the Register is to provide a means of recording and registering dogs of known traceable ancestry that have previously been excluded from registering with other plummer terrier organisations for one reason or another without bias.  It is a fact that in some cases dogs have previously been denied papers due to personal differences and this is the reason Registry was initially founded.  The Registry will accept both the "pure" and the more recent "new blooded" plummer terriers, including tri-colour and putty nosed (pale nosed) of known traceable ancestry.

We will endeavour to register all eligible dogs, without discrimination, however registration of adult dogs will remain at the discretion of the Registrar and dogs must be of known traceable ancestry - we do not accept "plummer type" dogs - we must have evidence of their ancestry. For further details of how to register your dog click here

The Registry has the backing of Mrs Norma Plummer, wife of the late Dr David Brian Plummer, who developed the breed and whose name the dogs carry on to this day.

We are part of the Working Plummer Terrier Network enquiries to: registration@workingplummerterrier.org.uk